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Could You love a little bunny?

Of course you could!

What kind of question is that?!

The question is, would one of our bunnies be a perfect fit for your family and would your home be the perfect home? Well, now is the time to find out. We have 5 little lion heads that we are looking to re-home.

This is Judy’s first litter of Lionhead rabbits and she was an excellent momma! You can read more about their first weeks of life & watch some adorable baby bunny videos on this post.

We brought Judy & her sister home from Pecan Grove Farm for Christmas 2019. They have been amazing pets for our family and I can’t recommend these bunnies enough especially as pets for families with little ones.

Most Lion-head Rabbits have litters of 3-5 kits. Judy delivered 8! 6 survived their first week and have been thriving ever since. We are keeping one of the males (patch) for our family and looking to re-home 5 of them. We intentionally chose not to name them but as they grew, each one had a characteristic that helped them to stand out above the rest and you can see them in the video below.

We will be charging a re-homing fee for each lion-head. They will be ready to leave their momma at 8 weeks of age which is on August 6.

** Update **

Our precious girls have found their new home and they went to the same precious forever family.

We have 3 bucks (male) Lionhead available pictured here at 7weeks:

** Update ** We have one buck available. He is pictured below at 9 weeks:

Below, I've shared some details of our experience of bunny keeping in hopes to help you see if it would be a good fit for you. Please reach out if you have any questions about our bunnies or their life with us. We want each bunny to be a perfect fit for the perfect family!


  • Housing

  • Bedding (depending on housing)

  • Daily pellets, water, hay

  • Daily exercise (inside or outside)

  • Veggies + fruit for treats

Too Hot? Too Cold?

Because of their fur, they are perfectly fine outside during the months but may need help keeping cool in the summer heat. Judy and Raisin live outdoors all year long. We have a fan on them during the heat of the day during the hot months and have even put freezer packs in with them for them to lay on.

Potty Training

When I heard that “potty training” bunnies was a thing, I almost cried. My kids are young and the thought of having to potty train anything else was devastating (Okay maybe devastating was a little dramatic). It was actually painless. They basically potty train themselves, which is great because they pee and poop a lot. The first hutch they were in (linked below) had multiple areas and we used bedding on the trays. In an effort to minimize the area that needed to be cleaned, I “trained” them to potty in a corner tray by moving their poop pellets to the tray periodically throughout the first few days and wa-la! They took the hint and pretty much contained it to that tray.

As far as making messes in the house, it happened. In the very beginning, we kept them on one blanket in the same spot and as soon as they pottied, we took them back outside to their hutch. Within a few weeks, they could be in the house for a few hours with no accidents. Some bunny owners set up potty stations in the house and we could easily do that but when the bunnies are inside, we’re always with them and because we have hardwood floors, they don’t really roam the house because they can’t get any traction on the floors.

Health & Maintenance

We have never had any health issues with our girls and they have never even required a vet visit. I will say that our mentor (and youtube) have been extremely helpful and we look forward to passing that on and helping others as we continue to learn as well. As Lion heads, they will grow a "mane" and it needs to be combed periodically so that it doesn't get tangled up. They file their teeth down on their own but their nails need trimming, I've linked the trimmer and comb that we have below.

Bunnies + Kids

I can’t speak for all bunnies or even all lion-heads but from our experience and when it comes to these bunnies they have been great with our kids. These specific bunnies that are being re-homed have been handled daily since they were 3 days old by our kids (ages 2-8). Products we Used

  • Our first hutch - I definitely recommend this style of hutch for two bunnies as it was a great fit for our girls but to be honest, last November, we paid $180 for it on amazon. At the time that I'm posting this link, it is listed for more almost double that and I would not recommend paying that price for it!

  • Bedding

  • Pellets - this is our first choice of pellets. I really like this brand and we use the chicken feed as well. I never bought their hay because we had a surplus but when we have kits again and a nursing momma, I plan to splurge and purchase some hay from this company as well.

  • Pellets - We bought these at our tractor supply and periodically had to go buy them again if we ran out of the kind that we ordered online. I actually really liked the brand Oxbow and most of their in-store options were great.

  • Book - I read this book before we brought Judy & Raisin home and found a ton of helpful information and tips. The author of this book really loves her rabbits and while she did things a little bit different than we did, I loved reading her insight and I refer back to the helpful charts and information often.

  • Water

  • Potty Tray

  • Nail Clippers

  • Comb - What's most important is that the teeth of the comb can rotate and won't yank the bunny's hair.

I hope you found this helpful! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions!

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