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Lighten Up Sweet Pea

It was an honor and a joy to be a guest on the Lighten Up Sweet Pea podcast with Leah & Lisa.

A podcast created by two great friends, who love their families, tattle over women’s issues, and pursue God in the everyday moments of life.

As a listener and fan of the Lighten Up Sweet Pea podcast, I love the conversational style that feels like I'm just overhearing a discussion between friends. I always walk away from listening encouraged and just like I've had my spirits lifted. Recording an episode with them was no different.

Although they knew the content they wanted me to cover and they guided the conversation with questions, there was no script, no outline, nothing formal. If I'm honest, I was really nervous that they didn't send me questions before hand but I'm actually so glad they didn't. If I had known the questions ahead of time, I would have over prepared, over scripted, and over done everything I could to craft MY IDEA of the perfect answer. Instead, as we sat down to "warm-up" before pressing record, they listened to my heart on the subject and we prayed and just asked the Lord to remove "US" from the recording and allow the listeners to hear HIM instead.

Not having the opportunity to prepare (or over prepare, which is typically my style) pushed me out of my comfort zone and into fuller dependence on the Lord in these sweet moments of conversation and God actually really encouraged me through this experience. He's just so cool like that.

Another "surprise" to ME was that Leah & Lisa actually wanted to record 2 episodes with me! On the first one (actually the 6th episode in Season One of LUSP) we talked specifically about discipling our kids, parenting in the "hard years", schooling during quarantine vs. homeschool, & the sufficiency of God's grace.

This episode released May 26 : The What, When, & Why of Equipping Arrows.

This episode released June 10 : Herding Alpacas & Hearing God Speak

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