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Practical Ways to Study God's word

What a JOY it was to sit down with my sweet friends, Jon & Maegen Mills on their podcast, Teamwork with Jon & Maegen !

Before you read any further : Click here to listen -or- Click here to watch! If you've never listened to their podcast before, go ahead and subscribe while you're there and take the first chance you get to binge their first season so far (you're gonna love them!)

My friendship with Maegen is one that I hold very dear because at the core of it, we are constantly and unashamedly pushing each other closer to the Lord.

Our real-life conversations are sprinkled with parenting strategies, marriage and family challenges, homeschooling fails and triumphs, exercise challenges, and everything else that you would expect BUT we never miss out on the chance to talk about what God is teaching us and HOW we are intentionally pursuing knowing Him deeper.

This episode was a fun chance to get to a deeper level of the "HOW" do we study our Bible and we recorded the whole thing so you could listen in! All three of us actually walked away from this conversation so encouraged and inspired in a way that only the presence of God can do. Looking back on our time together, I know the Lord was with us. My prayer is that as you listen in, you are reminded that He is with you too and you are encouraged to pursue Him through the study of his word TODAY!

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. -Matthew 18:20

Practical Tips & Tricks

As I promised in the episode, I have listed the PRACTICAL tips & tricks for consistently being in God's word below. I elaborated more on each one of these in the episode, so you definitely need to listen! This list is just a refresher:

  • Don’t put it away!

  • Pray (before, during, and after your Bible reading)

  • Be honest with yourself about expectations and goals for your study time.

  • Read scripture more than anything

  • Have a good plan BUT hold it loosely.

  • Get your bearings / study in context

  • Challenge yourself to interact with the text

  • Three questions to end your study time with: What does the text say? What does the text mean? What does this teach me about God?

One thing that I didn't suggest on the podcast and I meant to is ; the BUDDY SYSTEM! Seriously, we know it works so just do it! Talk about it with a friend or two and hold each other accountable to growing in this spiritual discipline. God's word is His GIFT to us, it is HOW we KNOW HIM! (Can I possibly use ANY MORE CAPITAL LETTERS?!) But seriously, I never tire of talking about this and I LOVE showing others just how simple it really is.

If the thought of even opening your Bible to read or study on your own causes you to freak out a little bit, Let's talk! I would love to come alongside you in your walk with the Lord and encourage you as you pursue a closer relationship with your creator. Shoot me a DM on instagram or e-mail me anytime!

With Love, Amber

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