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Comprehending Colossians Series

Think of this as your "table of contents" for the series on Colossians. This post is a neatly organized and click-able list of the blogs in this four-part series and a few resources you may find helpful!

SESSION ONE : Read this blog for an intro to comprehending scripture and the first tool in

our tool box; repetitive reading. SESSION TWO : The next tool we learned to use was annotation. Be sure to have your printed copies of the text for this one as this is where we really start to dig in and interact with the text. SESSION THREE : This one is a big one! Learn how to dig a little bit deeper into scripture via word study. Lot's of good teachings on varying levels in this post AND a printable resource to help you as you go! SESSION FOUR : Learn how to create an outline of the scripture passage and deepen your understanding and memorization of scripture by practicing paraphrasing.

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