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How to Study God's Word || Repetitive Reading

Have you read the Kick-off blog for this study? If you haven't, start there!

Make sure you grab the resource available for download in that blog as it will be our guide as we adventure through Colossians together and pick up new tools and skills along the way.

Now: Session One!

The overview handout that you have in your hands is divided into the three basic steps of systematic bible study.

During this four part series, we are going to focus on the COMPREHENSION step as we read and dig into the book of Colossians. (Don't be sad, We'll adventure together into interpretation and application very soon.) Please trust God's ability to stretch and grow your understanding in who He is through the "little things" like comprehension.

These extra steps and skills for comprehending God's word seem simple and there is a temptation to skip over them or do them quickly but I'm intentionally slowing this step down because it is the most important. The purpose for observing and comprehending the text is to be certain we know what it says before we try to interpret and apply it. If we don't know what the text says, we can't possibly interpret it correctly which then leads to our inability to apply it appropriately.

"The difference between reading and studying is like the difference between drifting in a boat and rowing toward a destination."

I love this quote from Oscar Feucht in regards to studying the bible because it reminds me that even though it feels slow at times, I'm going somewhere and I'll be closer to God because of it. Is this the second water analogy in the second blog of this series? I think so! hmm... that's interesting. (John 4:14 anyone?)

This week we are practicing "repetitive reading." I won't insult your intelligence and teach you how to do that. But I do want to forewarn you that you will be tempted to do more and dig deeper but don't. don't. skip. this. step. Don't skip the gold that awaits you in simply reading God's word. This skill gets a whole week to itself because it requires discipline to only read God's word but it is an eye-opening experience to see just how simple it can be. We overcomplicate studying the Bible and use our lack of skills or resources as an excuse to not read it at all so I LOVE starting here. Just read it!

Steps for this week:

  1. Print out the PDF of Colossians 1-4

  2. Watch the video below

  3. Practice ONLY "repetitive reading" of the entire book of Colossians as many times as you can.

  4. then read it again. haha! but for real.

  5. Engage with community and share what God is teaching you.

Dear Lord, Help me to slow down and be satisfied in your word alone. I invite you in to my study sessions and acknowledge my need for your spirit in me to understand what I'm reading. Lord I ask that you reveal yourself to me through the study of your word and that I not toil in vain. Help me to not lose track of my pursuit of you in the academic tools and skills that I acquire. I love you & I thank you for your word, Amen.

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