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How to study God's Word || Annotation

Comprehending Colossians

After reading the book of Colossians, then reading it again, and again, and again, and again! I hope you saw fruit in your life from repetitively reading God’s word. Even if you didn’t find it to be super fruitful or very helpful to you right now, I’m looking forward to you seeing how helpful it was to the next steps of comprehension.

In this session, we are focusing on annotating the passage of scripture that we are studying. When you annotate, you actively engage a text by pausing to reflect, mark up, and add notes as you read. It really is that simple but this has to be one of my favorite steps to do in my own study and to teach because this is where studying the bible separates itself from just reading it.

[Here’s your friendly reminder that you have access to some printable of Colossians on the resources page for easy annotation!]

This step is where you really start to dig into the text. All of the thoughts that were flying through your head as you’ve read Colossians countless times, jot them down! All of the words that caught your attention, underline them, record questions that are stirring in your heart in the margins. I’ve shared some ideas and things to look for but this study is YOURS. This is you, engaging with the holy text of your creator, God and it can be as formal or as casual of a process as you want.

[Another friendly reminder: We are still avoiding the use of any commentary or supplemental text at this point in our study. Even as we begin to collect questions, don’t go looking for answers just yet! We’re going to give the text combined with the Holy Spirit alive in you to reveal the truth to YOU first!]

Watch the video, grab your pen, highlighter, and printed copy of the text & dig in Sister!

Don’t overthink it! There really isn’t a wrong way for you to do this!

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