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How to Study God's Word || Word Study

There are so many helpful resources out there, but how do I use them to grow in my understanding of the Bible? Which ones should I use for what? Here's a quick guide to using resources to complete word-study.

Before we dive into the “how-to’s” of word study in the biblical context, let’s define what we are learning how to do. Let’s make some lists...

Word Study:

  • Studying how words are used in context

  • Defining new words

  • Gaining clarity on commonly misunderstood words

  • Looking deeper into the meaning and usage of words

  • Growing in our understanding of the original language and text of Scripture

Also word Study:

  • Obedience to KNOWING God with our mind.

  • Our responsibility to have a right understanding of God’s word

  • Pursuit of the revelation of God through the study of His word

  • Deep opportunity to hear God’s voice through our understanding of language

As we devote our lives to becoming students of the Bible, we can’t forget that the study of the text is just an avenue in which we pursue God Himself. There is a tendency in our flesh for this activity to become purely academic, and even a temptation for pride to swell up in our spirit as we deepen our understanding of God’s word. We resist these temptations with a humble and right view of God’s word, as well as an intentional practice of praying before, during, and after we study.

Before you jump into the teaching on this skill, take a second to print the blank copy of the word study template. You can view the completed example pictured to the right and also follow along as this is the form filled out in the second video.

I’ve chosen to teach this content over three separate videos in an effort to make it easier for you to pick and choose how far down you want to “dig” when it comes to word study. It is designed for you to start with the first video, and continue as far as you want to. I desire for you to go at your own pace with this content and go as far as the Lord leads you.

1st Video - tips for using a dictionary & thesaurus for word study.

2nd Video - How to use Vine’s Dictionary & Strongs Concordance

3rd Video - How to access these resources online and mobile

Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:

This is also a great time to jump into another translation of the passage that you’re digging into. As you see in the second and third video, in order to look up the Hebrew word for “domain,” I needed to first use the KJV text to find the word, POWER and DOMINION. Reading the same passage in multiple translations helps to deepen our understanding of the text. I always do this at the same time that I’m doing a word study because it helps me decipher which meaning of a specific word is intended by the original author, and it helps guide me as I’m looking in the resources for the precise word. I don’t always struggle to find the word in the concordance like I did in the 2nd video teaching but I intentionally chose this word to model what to do in the case that you run into this.

Also, If this word study thing really clicks with you and you want to learn more about the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages, I would certainly encourage you to invest in the study tools I used in the videos and keep learning!

*Disclaimer* This content was really challenging to teach and make available in a “video”/online format. I am praying that it is relatable and translates well, but in the case that it doesn’t, or it leaves you with questions, please always feel free to send me an email for any clarification.

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