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How to study the Bible - James

Welcome to the page that contains resources and study tools mentioned on the social media study of James.

First things first, we are reading the entire book of James all the way through 5-7 times. So grab your copy of scripture & start reading! Click below to download & print the NASB copy at double space.

Download PDF • 706KB

Study with friends

I'm so encouraged to see many of you locking arms and digging into God's word together! My prayer is that you are busting at the seams with information and encouragement to share but if you'd like some conversation starters to get you started (or keep you on track) You can download these to go through together:

How to Study God's Word - Study Questions (1)
Download PDF • 3.42MB

Word Study

As we annotate and really begin to interact with the scripture, there may be several words that stand out to you or you want to gain clarity on. Doing a word study on specific words can really help us get a stronger understanding of what the text says (& what it doesn't) My favorite tools for the conducting word study are:

An english dictionary

Holman's bible dictionary

Strong's exhaustive concordance (there's also an app, but the desktop version is more user friendly)

Here's a companion printable you can use as you begin conducting word studies:

Word Study Resource
Download PDF • 346KB

Study in context

We’ll learn to dig deeper into the text to gather background information, and paired with other resources, we’ll deepen our understanding of the meaning of the text.

Study in Context
Download PDF • 193KB

There are also some really great resources available online that can help you gather all of the background information so that you are able to study in context. A few of my favorite and trusted resources are:

The value is lost if you just fill in the blanks with one word answers. Remember that this is less about filling in the blanks on a page and more about challenging yourself to dig deeper.

Apply what you are learning

This is what sets the Bible apart from every other piece of literature that exist… it has the power to CHANGE YOU! ⁣

Learning how to apply what you are learning from God’s word can feel overwhelming at first and this is where many Christians believe they need someone else to do the work for them. ⁣You don't!

Applying Scripture Printable
Download PDF • 362KB

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