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It's a piece of Cake! Really

Registering your homeschool

If you have allowed yourself to click on the title of this blog to read it, chances are you have decided that homeschooling your children is a good fit for you in this season and you’re ready to commit by completing step one! So, first, let me say, CONGRATS & Welcome! I think you’re gonna love it!

Second, Breathe! Just take it one step at a time.

First step:

Familiarize yourself with the state requirements and standards for homeschooling.

I’ve compiled a list based on the states that I am familiar with and based on the needs of most of my readers. If you’re reading this and don’t see your state listed, please click that little word, “contact” and let me know! (Click the state to follow the link)


Grab your high school diploma

Name your school

Fill out online “intent”, you’ll create a User ID and password with an email address

Check back to obtain your Homeschool ID.

While you’re on the website, go ahead and print out the attendance record and set your “school year dates” so you can plan to get those

In NC, this is a one & done process. Once you have opened a homeschool in NC, you are expected to keep up with yearly attendance but never have to reopen that school. You do have to close the school within 30 days of your last high school graduate.

*IF you’re homeschooling a kindergartener and that child has never been enrolled in a school, you are done! **IF your child was enrolled in a NC public school for the previous school year, you’ll need to withdraw that child from their school or those absences are gonna start stacking up and get you in a lot of trouble.

Notes: In Tennessee, you actually have to file your intent annually with the school district that you’re located in, and you have to submit the attendance record to the Director of Schools at the end of each school year.

All of the necessary forms and listed requirements are available on the website listed above.


There is an online form that you’ll complete and that’s it. You are not required to keep attendance records. You’ll receive a document that is your “official home study record.”

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