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SYB | Christmas Edition

This Christmas season, we'll study through prophecies in the Old Testament, look ahead to the finished work of Christ, and then finish with an in-depth study of the birth of Jesus just in time for Christmas Day. I've never loved the fast-paced style of a daily reading plan, or the nagging feeling that I'm behind if I get off pace. Instead of another item to hurry through each day of this season, I want to invite you into something deeper.

There are three parts to this study, each lasting a little over a week. My hope is that you'll practice the strategies we have learned together to study these passages on your own and engage with me on Instagram as we study together. There may be a few supplemental teachings and readings available to you along the way but mostly, I'm excited for you to study these passages with the Holy Spirit to guide you.

In each section, we'll study 3 passages of scripture by using the following strategies.

  • Repetitive Reading

  • Background Information

  • Word study

  • Cross Referencing

I'll be teaching/leading through each of these as we go on Instagram but you can also review them here.

If you'd like a printable NASB copy of the scripture readings with cross references listed, you can download them here.

We'll also be encouraging one another as we memorize three short passages of scripture this season. They aren't your typical Christmas memory verses but are excellent verses to have written on your heart every day of the year. Don't shy away from this aspect of the study, instead, lean into the challenge and find out just how profitable it is to have the Lord's word stored up in your heart. I know it will be a blessing to you and those around you this Christmas season.

I can't wait to dig into God's word together this Christmas season! Don't miss out on the opportunity to study in community over on instagram and never hesitate to email me. I love hearing from YOU and what God is teaching you through His word. Merry Christmas!

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